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Are you in Cheltenham looking for some new glass pool fencing for your home? We’re dedicated to providing you with the best glass pool fencing options at a price that you won’t find anywhere else!

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Supplying And Installing Frameless Glass Since 1989

Here at Rossca, we have the ability to provide you our years of experience along with a vast range of Frameless Glass projects. You do not want just anyone dealing with your Frameless Glass; you are able to depend on our team to care for you and your family’s construction project requirements.


Glass fencing offers a range of features including unobstructed views, ventilation and opulent style.


Our products feature in award winning projects throughout Australia.
We have a strong reputation for quality and service.


Our frameless glass products will totally transform the look of your project.
Our custom glass is rigorously tested on a daily basis to conform to strict Australian building codes.
Ask to see our test results.


Rossca offers a wide range of Frameless Glass services. Locating the perfect general contractor might be tough, that’s why you needn’t look any further than here. Have a look below at all the services we provide.

Pideatric Work

Glass Pool Fences

Frameless glass pool fencing adds another dimension to your overall landscaping design. Instead of it just being a barrier to comply with pool fencing regulations, it becomes a seamless divide between inside and outside the pool areas. This allows you to plan and install a totally integrated pool and landscape look.

Pool Windows

Be sure to call Rossca before commencement of the pool shell construction to ensure we get it right from the start.

Staircase Balustrade

The installation of Frameless Glass Balustrades allows uninterrupted views with made to measure panels and with your choice of fixing method and handrail to suit your style, will add value to your set of stairs.

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The most vital decision you can make during the course of renovation is selecting the right contractor for your venture.

Leadership in the industry. Always up-to-date on the latest advancements.

Trusted expertise. Years of prior experience and pleased clients.

Craftmanship and Excellence. A long, proven track record of phenomenal work.

Genuine and Dependable. Our word is our bond.

Readily available 24/7. Day or night we are always here for our clients.

Work Process

  • On-site Estimate

    One of our team of contractors will come to your house to talk with you about your plan, assess the project site and provide you a complimentary price quote to get the ball moving.

  • Remodelling and Demolition

    As soon as the project has begun our team will handle all of the removal and renovation work. We recognize that you still have to inhabit your house during the work, so we will make things as easy as possible for you.

  • Clean-up and Removal

    After we complete your project, we will make sure to straighten up the mess. We will clear away all the demolition and building mess that is left behind, and if the venture is inside, we will make certain to clean the spaces we have remodeled.

More Information About Cheltenham

glass pool fencing CheltenhamPool Fencing Installation In Cheltenham

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing is an elegant and sophisticated pool fencing service for any house owner who is not willing to compromise on security or design. Strong and simple to keep, a Frameless Glass Swimming pool Fencing needs next-to-no upkeep as soon as installed and keeps an air of high-end in your yard. Frameless Glass Pool Fences develop an effect without impacting your view in the yard with a modern and high quality finish. Including hardly viable lines, Frameless Glass Swimming Pool Fencing is a sophisticated method to ensure your pool fencing is strong and secure, while maximising the view of your pool and garden.

Specialising in Frameless Glass Swimming pool Fence setup, Cheltenham Pool Fencing use a personalised and unique service that others can’t match. Frameless Glass Pool Fencing has recently gone beyond semi-frameless glass pool fencing as the most popular of kind of glass pool barriers. Frameless Glass Pool Fencing finished by us is seen as the most desirable swimming pool fence style due to its nearly invisible floating look that does not impede the circulation and cohesion of the backyard.


Appearance: Frameless glass pool fences designed and set up by Cheltenham Pool Fencing are trendy and aesthetically attractive. Simplistic and modern in style, a frameless glass swimming pool fence has sleek edges and a nonintrusive design making it the premium pool fence solution.

pool fencing CheltenhamAdditional Area: Due to the smooth design and lines, a frameless glass pool fence has a non-intrusive design that give the pool and adjacent backyard area the impression of space.

Easy to Maintain: While timber fences can rot and aluminium fences can rust, a Frameless Glass Swimming Pool Fence does not need any significant upkeep as it can stand the riggers of bad weather condition making frameless glass swimming pool fences the premier option in pool fences

Safety: Not only does a frameless glass pool fence permit greater exposure to the pool, however with no footholds, access to the swimming pool location is virtually non-existent meaning Frameless glass pool fences are not just easy on the eye, however among the safest pool fencing services.

Blends with other Décor: As a frameless glass swimming pool fence is transparent it will not diminish the total design of the swimming pool and surrounding area and any sort of providing you pick for the pool area will mix well and stand apart as the major design element

Long lasting and Tough: The panels used in a frameless glass pool fence are toughened so breaking the fence is essentially impossible unless extreme force is applied to it to make sure the safety of the swimming pool area and glass panels are maintained.

Cheltenham Fencing specialises in frameless glass pool fencing that offers an undisturbed views of your pool and surroundings while providing a safe and reliable swimming pool barrier. Frameless glass pool fence can be installed in-ground, on concrete, paving or decking. Glass can be cut to satisfy your particular requirements and you have an option to mix glass and normal fence arrangements. All of the glass pool fencing and glass balustrades used by Brisbane Pool Fencing are made from toughened safety glass that adheres to the Australian Safety Standards. At Cheltenham Pool Fencing, we put in the time and effort to produce an attractive pool fence and use just exceptional materials to finish your swimming pool fencing requirements efficiently and effectively each and every time.

Why Go Glass?

pool fencing Cheltenham

Among the benefits of glass swimming pool fencing in Cheltenham is that it gives you a totally unobstructed view. Due to the fact that the glass panels are constructed from contemporary unbreakable shatterproof glass, they can be really broad as well as only require to be fixed from their bases. This offers the entire fence a streamlined, advanced look without giving up toughness or security.

The trick to glass pool fencing is in the installations. There are three methods of fixing glass panels safely from their bases:

Channel Fixing: While the pool is being constructed, channels are built into the concrete surrounding the swimming pool. Then the glass panels are positioned in the channels as well as grouted right into place.

Standoff Fixing: a kind of equipment that holds the glass far from an upright surface such as the side of a flight of stairs, a balcony or a deck. It is rarely utilized as swimming pool fencing unless it is for an “infinite” swimming pool that is built against a wall.
Spigot Fixing: a fitting that is first fixed to the ground. Then the glass is secured to specially designed marine grade stainless steel “spigots.” This kind of fitting is suitable because it “floats” the glass about 50mm off of the ground, removing dirt and also debris build-up and also the accumulation of dirt on the bottom of the glass.

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